It really IS all just 'small' stuff...

I was up half the night watching the events of the 8.9 earthquake that took place in Japan, on CNN. Holy really got me to thinking that all of the shit that we worry about on a minute to minute basis really IS just that; Shit.

Between tweeting my friends and acquaintances on Twitter, staying in the loop and hoping to help others do the same, and comforting my daughter (who was terrified that we'd be wiped out by an unexpected wave from the Pacific Ocean), I got zero sleep last night.

It also had me thinking about the significance (or the insignificance) of all the shit that we think is important. I mean...okay...some of it, (like where is my next meal coming from) is legitimate, but it's scary to think that all of the things that we worry about...things that we think require a sleepless night, are really not that big a deal.

The second thing I thought about, is the fact that it took an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 to get that frakken annoying Charlie Sheen out of the news! (Whoooop!) Geezum...I'm sick of turning on the TV (which I don't do that often) and seeing his face on whatever channel the set happens to be on.

It also got me thinking, this life really IS unpredictable. Things change on a dime, and the time that we spend "sweating the small stuff" really is just time wasted.

So...what's the remedy? Well...there ARE some things that I've decided to change for myself...both personally and in my business(es). You'll know about whatever I change in both (cuz I'm gonna tell you), but I hope that the events of yesterday, and the not so distant future help you to think about the time that YOU most likely are wasting, thinking about things that, given the tragic circumstance in Japan, make you ask yourself the question; "What do I need to change about MY life, in order to know that I'm not just 'wasting time'"?

Shoot me an email. Let me know what you decide :)

Happy Friday All! Xx



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