I thought I was finished posting tonight, and then I found this article. Read it. It verifies exactly what I (and you I'm sure) have known for a very long time. It's the reason that The Divorce Poster Child exists.

Part of it reads, "The effects of divorce upon income are so marked that they are enough to haul men out of poverty while plunging women into it. The incomes of ex-husbands rose by 25 per cent immediately after the split, but women saw a sharp fall in their finances, which rarely regained pre-divorce levels."
I can't believe that someone actually had to do a study on this to figure it out; divorced women like myself have known it for years. Though I've known it for years, it still makes me angry.

The Divorce Poster Child™ isn’t so much a title as it is a principle; a brand-spanking new way of looking at how we absolutely need to change our own lives for the better after divorce.

The Divorce Poster Child™ is a maverick principle whose goal is to help women understand that life after divorce can be celebrated; it should be inspiring and entertaining. “We should feel empowered to live our lives to the utmost, and by doing so, lift the lives of those around us”.

This ugly statistic of the woman (and her children) whose quality of life goes right into the toilet after a divorce has to change. The study that this article was based on was done in the U.K., but I don't see that the trend is any different in the U.S. or Canada.
We need to change this girls... as far as I'm concerned, we need to do for ourselves.
Read the entire article HERE.

Thanks for reading my rant =)

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