A Letter To Kate Gosselin


For the record, it's been awhile because I was busy writing "The Joy of Ex" and building another blog. Come on over and visit me at www.thejoyofex.net! :)

Okay. I watched (like the rest of the nation) the marriage of the Gosslins crumbling on camera, and felt nothing but sheer empathy and pain for Kate and those kids.

It's one thing for that husband of hers to decide that he no longer wants to be in that marriage (whatever the reason...no ones business but theirs), but okay Kate...he's gone. Screw him. I watched you on Dancing With the Stars on a couple of occasions, and though I have no idea what it's like to literally live my life on camera, I'd think that the very fact that THAT is exactly what I'm doing, would keep me from whining ON CAMERA about the shit that's going on in my divorce, and telling my dance partner that "that's what I'm bringing with me here." Are you serious??

This Dancing With the Stars thing is your chance to 'stick it' to that prepubescent, cheating, soon-to-be ex-husband (for which Sweetheart, you should be thankful in the very least). You're Melissa! She got to show that Jason idiot that maybe he overlooked a special part of her when he ditched her (on national tv yet). But you don't dance like Melissa. Melissa danced as though dancing shook the weight of that idiot from her shoulders.

Instead of moving around that stage like the walking dead, I'd suggest that you THINK about the fact that that fool is gone (and he is from what I hear, no longer with his sandbox playmate). YOU'RE RID OF HIM! That alone should make you grin like the cat that swallowed the canary from ear to ear!! YOU get to start your life over!! YOU get to mould the way that life will look for yourself and your children from this point forward. Yes, the whole custody thing is a royal pain in the ass, but it's temporary. It'll be over soon enough, and you'll get back to life as usual (whatever that looks like for you, I have no idea). This is an amazing time! Yes, it's a time to look around, figure out who you are again, take the time to get to know YOU again.

My point with this little vent is this; You're a beautiful, vibrant, intelligent woman. Dancing With the Stars is your time to say to John Gosselin, "How ya' like me now?" He should be watching you blossom after he's gone. Not whining about how hard life is because he's gone.

As long as YOU are fine, your kids will be too.

Martinis for Everyone :)


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