Some years ago, the ex and I were having issues with regard to child support payments. Where we live, there’s a guideline as to how much is to be paid with regard to income and how many children the couple has.

My ex husband is the type of person who was somewhat financially controlling, and when he didn’t get his way, didn’t generally matter what it was, he would take it out on the kids and I financially.

We had been battling over child support for some time, and one day, he just decided to stop paying. Period. No more checks. No more support. Nothing. Cold turkey. Done. For four months he paid absolutely nothing, and behaved as though absolutely nothing was wrong.

Somewhere in the middle of the month that he stopped paying, he came over to pick up the kids for their bi-weekly visit, and we found out that he had bought a new car. Not only did he buy himself a new car, I'll also tell you that he bought himself a brand new Range Rover. Can you say, “slashed tires”?

Anyways…I digress.

Though I was seething, I calmed down quickly because I’m a firm believer in Karma. I believe that in this life, we get what we give. I believe that if we give shat, shat is what we get. I believe that when you crap on someone, you get crapped on…maybe not by that person, but Karma will make sure that you get yours...one way or the other.

Once the battle for child support began, the following things happened to him as I went about my business with the kids;

· His house was broken into…not once, but twice. My home has never been broken into.

· Both of his cars were broken into (he had a Porsche as well)

· He moved into a new condo; it was on the top floor of the building, supposedly one of the most secure suites. Though a key was required to even access his floor, that place was robbed too. The thief ran across the roof of the building, swung in through an open window, and ransacked the place. Security cameras caught him leaving the building in my ex’s clothes, dragging a large box of his belongings. They never caught the guy.

· One day, my ex called to ask me if I’d “used that credit card that we used to have” (we used to have a joint credit card). I hadn’t thought about that thing in years, and had cut it up ages ago. He informed me that someone had been using his credit cards. As it turns out, his identity had been stolen.

All of this in the span of just 2 years.

I believe in karma like I know my own name. Whatever you want to call it...Karma, the Law of the Universe, or plain old 'bad JuJu', he got what was coming to him. I believe that had he not given us such a hard time about the financial issues, he might have saved himself some grief.

Trust me when I tell you my friends…regardless of what your ex or soon to be ex does to you, don’t stress over it, don’t worry about paying back. Karma’s a serious bitch…and I'm positive that she's a divorced woman.

Here’s to happy!


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  1. another good way to say it: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....
    I believe it, and you are right-- I look at my ex with his "new" wife, and how much of his hard earned money she likes to spend, and compare the days that he used to complain about giving me an "allowance" which was measly compared to what she gets as his secretary-- and I think "yep-" you get what you deserve in this life... karma is indeed a bitch, and I have no doubt she's been through this life-changing journey right along with us