Have you ever asked yourself; "What makes me happy"? Or, "What inspires me?" It doesn't have to be anything complicated. The things that make me happy are the sound of my children laughing, beating my son at Wii Bowling, spending a lazy day doing nothing in particular, and music. I love good music.

I have two teenagers, and one almost teenager. My house is filled with the sound of one of three things at any given time of the day; Guitar Hero, my daughter singing, or music. Nine times out of ten, there's music playing in my house, be it Chris Botti's sexy trumpet (his new CD is amazing), Robin Thicke's latest (equally amazing), or my son's Aerosmith (he's in a phase that hasn't run its course yet), my home is never quiet, and I love every second of it.

I found that music, I'm not especially picky about what kind (with the exception of country) has a tendency to lift my spirits like nothing else. When I'm cleaning, music makes the chores go much faster, when I'm reading, it soothes me, when I'm kind of in a nutty-bounce-around-the-house mood, I've got tunes for that too. I absolutely love it.
I think that one of the sweetest inventions of this century is the iPod. I'm not particularly tech savvy so I still have the iPod Video (my daughter has the iPod Touch), but it suits me just fine. I plug it in to my computer, and purchase the latest tunes. Whatever's putting my mood 'off' is generally taken care of with the right music.
Try it. The next time you're in a foul mood, regardless of what it is that you're stewing about, turn on a cool tune, and let it envelope you.

Here are just a few tunes to help you get started;

Find some great tunes, and start enjoying!
Thanks for reading!

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