My name is Debbie Burgin, and I've been divorced for 9 years now. Most women see their divorces as the end of the world. Rather than see it that way, I actually see my divorce as a chance for me to start over (almost like being parolled)...to create an entirely new life for myself and my children =)

One evening, I was out with some friends (I'd been divorced for a couple of years at the time). We were sitting at a friends house enjoying drinks and appies. I had just bought a new car. We sat in her living room looking out of the window at my new toy, and I said, "I think it should have a name." One of my friends turned to me and she said "Well...look at you...new car, new house, new business...aren't you just the divorce poster child?

The name stuck.

I do believe that divorce doesn't have to be...SHOULDN'T be seen as a 'bitter end', but a great chance at a brand new beginning. EMBRACE IT!! LOVE IT! You get to start over! I can't even tell you how exciting that is.

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Here's to Happy!


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